Cash For Cars Omaha NE

Cash For Cars Omaha, NE

Cash For Cars Omaha NE

If you live in and/or around Omaha, NE you need to call us right now to get a quote for your car.  We offer free towing with of all our purchases and once you agree to the quote, we will send a tow truck driver out there to pick up your vehicle from you.  There is no hassling when we show up, we guarantee our quotes and you will get paid what you were originally quoted over the phone.

There are many different ways to get your quote, you can call our 1-800-572-8084 number or you can fill out our online quote form. Even though calling us on a phone may be a little quicker, filling out the online form takes no time at all, you can fill out the form within seconds and when you submit it, one of our buyers will be getting back to you.  You can continue through your day with out the hassle of having to call on the phone, especially if you have other things you have to do at that time.

Once you talk to one of our professional car buyers, they will give you a quote that you can be happy about.  The great thing about our company is that you can choose to either go through with us right away, or if you wanted to think about it you can give us a call back, no pressure!  If you do decide that you want to accept our quote, just say the word and we will get you all set up in our system and we will get you in contact with our dispatcher.  If you don’t have time to talk with our dispatcher right then, our dispatcher will contact you usually within the hour to get you set up with a pick up time that works for you.

Beware of other companies trying to take advantage of you.  Some other companies will offer high quotes over the phone, but they have no intention on paying you that amount.  They give a high quote just to get you to stop calling around, once they show up to tow your car away, they will try to get it for hundreds less than what was originally quoted.  They will pick apart your car telling you that have aftermarket parts and that you are missing pieces, don’t believe this scam, because it is a lie.  Call us to get your guaranteed quote today.

Call us now to see how much cash you can get for your clunker.


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